We generate added value,
with personalised solutions
for high-precision cutting

We are specialists in the high-precision cutting of countless materials.

“Focusing on the finest details to meet our customers’ needs”


Mecalaser is the Stinser Group brand that specialises in high-precision cutting services. In line with the Group’s philosophy, we offer comprehensive services for high-precision cutting and finishing of parts, providing state-of-the-art technology for our customers and a tailored logistics infrastructure.

Our services help to improve the efficiency and quality of the post-machining of parts, for all types of materials, dimensions and thicknesses. We have many years of experience in multiple sectors, working alongside our customers and adding value to their industrial processes.

Where to find us

Planta Miranda de Pol. Ind. Ircio,
República Dominicana 1
09200 Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) SPAIN
Tel. +34 945 356 233 | Fax + 34 945 356 232

We have 5 lines of work, blending leading-edge technology to meet the broad range of cutting dimensions for materials with diverse characteristics and thicknesses.

icono-cortelaserLaser cutting

6000 W. max.: 3000 x 1500 mm. Up to 25 mm
Application for highly complex profiles, obtaining excellent cutting quality and efficiency that facilitates the post-machining of parts.

Water cutting

6200 bares.: 4000 x 2000 mm. Up to 110 mm
Application for processes in which the material cannot be affected by heat, and for solutions that require a low level of intensity, such as parts engraving.

As specialists in the sector, we add value to our cutting processes via services that round out the final machining of parts, improving quality and efficiency for our customers.









Precision metalwork

Calderería fina



Structural Steel

0.5 < 100 mm.
Acero Construcción

Spring Steel

1 < 100 mm.
Acero Elástico

Antiwear Steel

3 < 100 mm.
Acero Antidesgaste

Stainless Steel

0.4 < 100 mm.
Acero Inoxidable

Structural Steel

0.5 < 100 mm.
Chapa Galvanizada

Spring Steel

1 < 100 mm.
Chapa Lagrimada

Magnetic Plates

0.23 < 0.65 mm.
Chapa Magnética


1 < 80 mm.


1 < 80 mm.

Aluminium and Titanium

1 < 80 mm.
Aluminio y Titanio

Corten Steel

1 < 100 mm.
Acero Corten

Polymers and Gums

1 < 80 mm.
Polímeros y Gomas

We have close to 20 years of experience working alongside our customers from multiple industry sectors, offering numerous applications…

  • Metalwork
  • Urban Furniture
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Electrical Sector
  • Shipbuilding Sector
  • Wind-Solar Sector
  • Rail Sector
  • Aviation Sector