Concerned about our environment, we generate sustainable steel.


As part of the Stinser Group’s policy on its global management of corporate responsibility, we pay particular attention to the aspect of environmental responsibility. We are concerned about minimising the impact of our activity on the environment and apply management systems that ensure compliance with environmental standards. We are ISO 14001 certified and have made a voluntary commitment to optimise our processes and to rationalise energy consumption and the resources derived from them. We are promoting training and raising awareness among our entire workforce and business partners in an effort to make them more responsible and mindful of protecting the environment.

We follow strict market standards and make voluntary commitments.

Our steel business generates and uses recycled steel

Through our steel management and transformation activity, we contribute to the constant recycling of steel, generating and using recycled material. This helps to improve production processes, saving energy and water consumption. Our latest-generation facilities are another way of optimising our processes.

Our logistics business focuses on the development of sustainable transport

Our logistics business is focused on improving its environmental performance. We offer efficient transport and storage solutions that meet our customers’ needs, using the most environmentally-friendly and economically-viable technologies across the supply chain. We have our own latest-generation fleet of vehicles and optimise the routes we use.