Transparency and strict standards are our hallmarks

At the STinser Group we associate the creation of financial value with the commitment to sustainability, via sound and socially responsible corporate governance. We take a pluralistic approach, focused on finding ways to benefit our interest groups and, from an ethical and moral perspective, we seek results in three areas: social, financial and environmental.

We promote the importance of transparency in management, one of our core corporate values. Our governance system is comprised of prestigious partners aligned with our strategic objectives


The members in our corporate governance structure include partners who are involved in the Group’s active management.

The Stinser Group was founded in 2009 as an industrial start-up funded by the family capital of its founders. Since it first began operating, the group has received the support of various large organisations for its reindustrialisation and sustainable development efforts, as well as its contribution to innovation in the sector.

In 2010, ADE SODICAL SCR, a venture capital firm with a special interest in boosting employment and developing the business fabric in the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León, acquired a stake in Stinser.

In 2013, Caixa Capital Risc, a venture capital firm owned by the Caixabank financial group, a reference investor and backer of innovative companies, also acquired a stake.