We are a corporate group aimed at offering comprehensive solutions that position us at the forefront of the sectors in which we operate

We are a corporate group focused on offering our customers comprehensive solutions in the areas of metal/steel and logistics. We are developing our activity based on a customer-oriented business model aimed at offering a catalogue tailored to their needs.

We use innovation and our human capital as a key differentiating factor to create added value for our customers and position ourselves at the forefront of the markets in which we operate. Ours is therefore a sustainable and socially responsible project since we support industrial development and are responsible in the commitments we make to all of our interest groups.

“A socially responsible project based on global innovation”

An important component is the support we receive from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) via Spain’s Directorate-General for Industry, for our contribution to sustainable development through the regeneration and construction of the country’s industrial fabric in a disadvantaged area.



At Stinser, we have adopted a Group structure based on the value chain of our business. This structure, alongside our system of corporate governance, has enabled us to develop a sustainable business project for the future.

Comprehensive management of metal/steel used for production…

STinser first started operating as the company Stinser, Comprehensive Steel Supply Services, operating in the metal/steel sector and specialising in comprehensive management of the steel consumed by its customers. Our development of all activities associated with the consumption of steel has enabled us to acquire an understanding of our customers’ needs and work more closely with them to offer the best possible services.  +info

Comprehensive management of the supply of goods…

The Group’s early structure was expanded to include Stinser Logistics & Handling, a company established to provide transport and storage solutions. This new company follows the same strategic guidelines as our original corporate project, building on the experience and knowledge acquired in the supply of heavy goods. +info

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