We are a partner of reference for customers in the transportation of goods by road.


We share our extensive experience in transporting heavy goods by road (coils and palleted goods) with our customers. We help with the distribution of their products via personalised routes and one-off deliveries, taking advantage of the regular routes we use.

Our main objective is to guarantee a comprehensive goods transportation service that offers added value via our deliveries, ensuring the highest possible quality, speed and competitive performance.


Experts in transporting heavy goods by road

We develop both customised and regular routes

Comprehensive, personalised transportation for each customer

Experts in transporting heavy goods by road

The Stinser Group adopts an innovative approach throughout its business value chain. For our goods transportation business, we have our own fleet with new, latest-generation vehicles that undergo thorough technical maintenance to ensure maximum safety for the goods transported. The technology used in our location and communications equipment also provides us with detailed tracking of shipments to keep our customers informed of the status of their goods and to optimise the routes used.

We have the resources required to transport and deliver heavy goods (coils and palleted goods). All of our drivers are professionals and have extensive experience, in line with the Stinser Group’s corporate principles. This is essential for ensuring that all deliveries to our customers are fully personalised, based on an in-depth understanding of their preferences.

We have our own fleet with new, latest-generation vehicles and professional drivers

We guarantee the safety of goods and tracking of shipments

We have the resources required to move heavy goods (coils and palleted goods)


In addition to road transportation, we offer other industrial logistics services, particularly in the steel sector.

Our customers rely on us for the storage and management of a continuous supply of steel to meet their production requirements based on just-in-time management.

In-house management of industrial warehousing

Supply of steel to production lines to meet production schedules

Fleet of low CO2 emissions vehicles
Efficient driving
New technologies and route optimisation