We generate added value through a deep knowledge of the product, the market and each of our customers.

Steel Integral Services

STinser business is based on offering flat steel integral services so as to create a complete, efficient and competitive alternative  within the market, organized in the following business units:

Central Purchase


Import and management of steel with the highest qualities within the market.

Depending on the needs of each customer, we both manage specific orders and provide the material continuously. During both purchase and management process, we offer advice to our customers related to the steel qualities through reports and trials.

Logistics and supply chain

Stinser-logisticaRaw material supply in the customer premises. 

We deliver the material according to the production planning of our customers under just in time criteria. We indeed can become a Procurement external department for our customers by offering them the possibility of a vertically integrated system within their production processes  thanks to a continuosly material supply.

Cutting & transformation

Stinser-corteHigh precision slitting line, under our customers’ specifications. 

We employ high technology and we make the most used steel surface treatments of the market.


Strategic guidance

Stinser-orientacionKnowledge and experience lead us to the top. 

We are specialized in the steel market by searching for effective solutions on consumption and by offering added value to our customers thanks to our global and strategic vision of business.