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Sectors & Applications

Our main goal is to offer integral solutions different for each customer. Our activity is focused on specific sectors that use steel strip as their raw material within their production processes. We are mainly specialized in the automotive components sector, but we also offer our services to other important sectors:




As a high performance sector, Automotive one requires technical products to manufacture all types of car elements, such as seats, chassis, filters, exhaust systems, bodywork components and others.



Heating radiators manufacturing, as well as other related components, such as the manufacturing of mural boiler chassis, burners, fireplaces, expansion tank and more.

White goods industry


Due to the high versatility of the steel and to our organizational flexibility, a huge number of appliances are aimed to this sector.

Other sectors

  • Tube conformation process: both high precision and structural processes.
  • Cold drawing processes: belts, building and agricultural elements.
  • Other stamping processes:  Aeronautics and Energy industry, white goods, lock and more.