Our laboratory, alone or in collaboration with other international ones, analyses and investigates all the qualities of the different types of the steel.

Our Laboratory

STinser has its own laboratory where mechanical testing is defined and through which surface hardness, resistance, state of completion of machining processes and internal cracks of the steel are all verified.

‘All the steel supplied by our company fulfils the reference values of the tests, in order to guarantee the excellence of the product’

Stinser-interior-laboratorioType of tests carried out by the company in collaboration with the most prestigious laboratories:

Non-destructive tests:

  • Microscopic and surface roughness test.
  • Ultrasonic test.
  • Penetrating liquid test.
  • Magnetic particles test.
  • Hardness tester.

Destructive tests:

  • Tensile test (standardized test piece).
  • Resilience test.
  • Compression test (standardized test piece).
  • Shear test.
  • Bending test.
  • Folding test.