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Our Company

STinser, Steel Integral Services, is a company especialized in the integral management of flat steel supply. Our activity is mainly focused on all the companies that use the steel strip as their raw material in their production processes, specially in Automotive and White Good industries. STinser opened its new premises, nine thousand square metres, with the latest technology, and it is located at the industrial area of Ircio, within Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), Spain. 

Every day we work to consolidate us as the first partner of our customers and to be one of the top companies within the flat steel market in terms of innovation. Innovation and quality are our main instruments to carry out our strategic goals, always under a rigurous and strict work methodology.

Our wide range of services is based on the consumption needs of our customers and it evolves accordingly to the their projects. For all our activities, we work with the latest technology and the knowledge accumulated through the years within the steel market. 

‘Our value is focused on offering tailored global solutions, based on the requirements of our clients, and the combination of our differential abilities within the steel sector’.